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Dexter, Highland Wagyu

Members of the Scottish Dexter Group visited Highland Wagyu as part of their AGM yesterday (Sunday, March 2nd, 2014).

Martine (pictured centre) hosted the 15-strong group at Blackford, Perthshire, where the group learned the story of Highland Wagyu and toured the Fullblood Wagyu and Wagyu crossed with Aberdeen Angus steers and compared the variation between the three different strains of Wagyu bloodlines.

Members spent the 90-minute visit asking about marketing, feeding and breeding before returning to Dunblane for their group AGM.

They were particularly interested to learn that full blood Wagyu calves are a similar weight at birth as Dexter calves. They described the trip as ?a most informative visit, especially as they sell such a unique product,? and a write-up will be in the next newsletter.