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We are incredibly proud of the heritage of our pedigree Angus cattle, which stretches back to the 1970s. In 1979 we imported Angus bulls and cows from the Kaharau herd in New Zealand to introduce new bloodlines. In the early 1980s we had 3800 head of Angus cattle at the Quioggs Beef Lott. Since 2011, as Highland Wagyu, we have been building up our Angus herd, buying from the best breeders in the country through auction and private deals swell as importing high marbling Angus genetics from abroad. In our quest to be at the top of the Angus beef industry, we partnered with W&D McLaren in June 2014 with William McLaren Jnr running the herd as HW Angus.

We export genetics worldwide and have topped sales in the many countries. Our extensive embryo programme are for sale at all times.