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Our base at Blackford Farms has been breeding Highlanders for 40 years and we are members of the Highland Cattle Society. Highlanders are naturally reared and produce a tender and fine textured beef with an intense flavour.

In February 2014, we introduced four beautiful new Highlanders to our small pedigree fold.

Of particular note is the female champion, senior heifer champion and winner of DM Stewart Memorial Trophy, Susan 13th of Ormsary, by Oskar of Hyndford out of Susan 5th of Ormsary.

cropped p 41 Susan 13th of Ormsary 6000gns copy

And?Susan 14th of Ormsary, a black four-year-old by Lochlan of Some.

cropped p 43 Susan 14th of Ormsary 2400gns copy

Menawhile, in late 2011 we enhanced the genetics of the fold by introducing new bloodlines with the purchase of two stock bulls from the Craigowmill Fold.

Wolfgang of Craigowmill with his German heritage and McCuolich of Craigowmill with his genetics from Achnacloich and Millerston were a welcome addition and we were delighted with the first calves in 2013.


Wagyu X Highland

We?re crossing a group of Highland females with a Fullblood Wagyu bull with the aim of taking the best qualities of both breeds to create a well-marbled, grass-fed hardy animal. Watch this space.