Wagyu Cattle

Wagyu Cattle

Raising Wagyu is considered an art and in order to be successful it’s 70% genetics and 30% diet. We’ve secured some of the best genetics outside Japan and have the three major bloodlines – Tajima, Fujiyoshi and Kedaka – in our herd with a high percentage of Tajima.

While there are Red and Black Wagyu cattle, we currently breed only Black Wagyu cattle as they have a higher marbling score.


Tajima cattle are smaller sized animals, have excellent marbling and little milk. The main Tajima bloodlines include Fukutusuru 68, Michifuku, Yasufuku, Sanjirou, Kikutsurudoi and Shigeshigetani


Fujiyoshi cattle are medium to large sized animals, have good marbling and excellent maternal qualities. Fujiyoshi bloodlines include Dai Itozakura, Itohana 2, Kitaguni, Itomichi 1-2, Itoshigefuji, Itozurudoi.


Kedaka cattle have a larger frame, good marbling, excellent maternal qualities and their most famous bloodlines include Dai 20 Hirashige, Hirashigetayasu, Hirashigekatsu.

All our breeding bulls have been DNA’d and are registered with the Australian Wagyu Association.


Raiden - Wagyu


Raiden has high Tajima genetics and great marbling abilities. He is the grandson of the famous Fukutsuru, a line-bred bull to two of the most famous Japanese Wagyu, one of these being the Hyogo cow. ‘HYOGO’ is the area of genuine Japanese KOBE beef. Fukutsuru was proven to be the number one marbling bull in the USA by Washington State University. Raiden’s dam, Kinu B199, is coming from Yukiharunami known for his fine marbling, which is a desired trait for Wagyu producers. This has been proven to pass on through the progeny as well as being well-structured and having good temperaments.




Carra has the same genetics as Raiden. Semen available.




Thor’s sire, Hikoshigefuji Y342, is of the Itozakura bloodline from Japan. His pedigree is an intense infusion of the most famous bull in Japan, Dai 7 Itozakura, to which every line traces back 300 years. Thor’s dam, Chiyotake X249, is also coming from Dai 7 Itozakura, a line derived from Fujiyoshi cattle, which are known for frame size, good weight gain and gentle natures. When these bulls are bred with high marbled females they will enhance growth.


Raven (image coming soon)

Raven has the same sire as Thor, coming from the Itozakura bloodlines in Japan. In addition to his sire’s side, his dam, Hikohime, is coming from Mr Takeda’s famous bull Itomichi, a valuable combination for breeding, where great structure, strength and performance come together. Carcasses with these bloodlines exceed expectations on his pedigree.



Odyssey has some great genetics in his pedigree: Fukutsuru being one of the best-known bulls for marbling along with Takazakura. Both bulls were imported into America from Japan in the early 90s. We have used Odyssey in a few of our embryo programmes as he is known for low birth-rates, but also some of the best marbling. Semen available.




Kenzo is a line-bred bull to Itomichi. Kenzo is coming from Shigeshigenami on his dam’s side, who is one of the premier sires of the breed, selling semen in some places for $15,000 per straw! This is a highly respected bull with extremely potent marbling genes. Semen available.



Shogun was a six-year-old when he arrived at Highland Wagyu, imported to the UK from the Netherlands. A great working bull, he is never happy when we bring him in for a rest. He is a grandson of the famous Dai 7 Itozakura who has dominated Japanese pedigrees. Shogun has both Kedaka and Fujiyoshi bloodlines guaranteeing that his progeny will have good marbling as well as good growth rate and a calm and easy temperament. He is known to leave females with a high fertility rate and a great maternal instinct.





Dutch was also born in the Netherlands and came to us as a mature bull. He has a wonderful nature, very easy to handle. He has a mixture of Tajima and Kedaka bloodlines, which gives good growth and balance with a larger frame and great marbling. An official Japanese test showed that 80% of his sire’s steers would gain A5 grade, the highest carcass grade in Japan. We have also used Dutch in part of our Wagyu crossing programme and his F1 carcasses have been fantastic so far. Semen available.


Bond (picture and info coming soon)


Aki (picture and info coming soon)


We also have a handful of young Wagyu bulls for sale, please contact us for details.

Embryo work

We have breeding stock from all three major bloodlines and do a lot of our own embryo work at the farm, combining the right mix of genetics to produce a highly marbled, good frame carcass with better milking abilities in our breeding females.

We’re focusing on our Fullblood Wagyu cattle but are also crossing with 100% pedigree cattle such as Aberdeen Angus, Beef Shorthorn and Highlanders. Fullblood means that the genetics of the animal can be traced back through their descendants to original Japanese Wagyu herds while Purebred Wagyu has been cross bred at some point and therefore contains a genetic difference due to its crossbreed heritage.