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Wagyu Cattle

Raising Wagyu is considered an art and in order to be successful we believe in 70% genetics and 30% diet. We have secured some of the best genetics outside Japan and have the three major bloodlines - Tajima, Fujiyoshi and Kedaka.
Fullblood means that the genetics of the animal is 100% Wagyu. The genetics of the animals can be traced back to the descendants of the original Japanese wagyu herds whilst pure bred of F1/ F2/F3 has been cross bred at some point. Therefore, it contains a genetic difference due to its cross bred heritage.


The main Tajima bloodlines include Fukutusuru, 68, Michifuku, Yasufuku, Sanjirou, Kikutsurudoi and Shigeshigetani


Fujiyoshi bloodlines include Dai Itozakura, Itohana 2, Kitaguni, Itomichi 1-2, Itoshigefuji, Itozurudoi.


Kedaka cattle’s mis famous bloodlines inlclude Dai 20 Hirashige, Hirashigetayasu, Hirashigekatsu.