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Beef Shorthorn Club

Around 180 Beef Shorthorn breeders from across the UK came out to support the first farm visit of the newly formed Scottish Club on Sunday July 29th at Highland Wagyu in Dunblane, Perthshire.

The visit to the Quoiggs Beef Lott was a great success. An introduction from host Mohsin Altajir who announced on the same day a major herd acquisition that sees the company becoming the UK?s largest producer of Wagyu cattle, was followed by herdsman George McCulloch and Club Chair Grace Ramsay before delegates viewed the cattle at the Quoiggs and the surrounding area.

Guests, including members of the Aberdeen Angus Central Scotland Club, also got the chance to sample their host?s delicious Shorthorn sausages and speak directly to Mr and Mrs Altajir and herdsman George McCulloch about the business and get up close and personal with the Wagyu cattle.

The new club was founded at the Stirling Bull Sales in October 2012 under the guidance of Society President Charles Horrell and Society Secretary Frank Milnes.