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About the farm

Welcome to the wonderful world of Highland Wagyu. As you may already know we are Wagyu breeders based in central Scotland. The estate sits on 25,000 acres in the lush countryside of Perthshire. All of our beef comes directly from our ‘own farms’ So it really is farm to fork!

All our customers are encouraged to visit us at the farm, meet the cattle and get a feel of who we are and what we are about. Of course, we can also arrange a tasting whilst you are here. We are 45 minutes away from both Glasgow and Edinburgh airports so this can be done in just a day.

At Highland Wagyu we pride ourselves on our beef as well as our customer service and do not like to say no to anyone if we don’t have to. We like to work closely with all our customers big and small. We are happy to talk to you about customising something to suit your needs so if you don’t see it on the product list please get in touch and chat to us about it. We live, sleep and breath Wagyu.

product list

Beef cuts

Chuck / Chuck Roll

  • Denver
  • Zabuton
  • Braising meat/Mincing meat


  • pastrami

Plate & Flank

  • Jacobs Ladder
  • Skirt
  • Bavette
  • Goose Skirt
  • Thin Skirt
  • Onglet
  • Bacon


  • Shin


  • Topside
  • Topside Pastrami
  • Knuckle (Thick Flank)


  • Roasting Joint
  • Rump Heart Steaks
  • Tri-Tip (Rump Tail)
  • Picanha (Rump cap)


  • Ribeye Steaks
  • Rib Roast
  • Bone in Rib/ Carvary Rib
  • Rib cap


- Short Ribs
- Sirloin Steak
- Rib and Rump End Sirloin Steak

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Payment terms are 30 days from date of invoice.

Bank details below:
Royal Bank of Scotland
A/c no: 00180391
Sort Code: 83 18 09
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Highland Wagyu blend was prepared with a livestock nutritionist and is supplemented with organic Seaweed.
All our cattle are handled with care from birth keeping them happy and content in a stress-free environment known as the ‘zen-dens’. Some are even partial to certain classical composers.

We respect each animal from nose to tail right through the life cycle and encourage our customers to do the same.

How we do things

You will find a product list and a simple account form in the section above. Ideally, we would like to have the account form filled in and sent back to us before any order is placed. Of course, we are happy to organise one off payments for special events and until your account is set up.

Our ethos is nose to tail so sustainability is very important to us. With this in mind, we ask ‘ALL’ our customers that are ordering any of our prime cuts that they also match it with a secondary cut or another part of the carcass. This is for the obvious reason of carcass balance at the end of the day you are buying directly from the farm.

We have a small range of Wagyu charcuterie, a Hot Dog and of course a Wagyu burger. Our Wagyu burgers are 170g and are gluten-free.

You will see on the product list the average weight per cut. We don’t have a minimum order as such but we sell any cut as a whole muscle.

Samples can be arranged at a discounted price. As you can imagine many people are wanting to sample our products.

Ordering & Delivery

Due to our customers being across the country and in other parts of the world we unfortunately have to use third party couriers to do all our deliveries. With this in mind we have to live by their rules...

Our delivery days are Tuesday’s Wednesday’s and Thursday’s. For next day delivery we will need to have your order in the previous day by 9:30am. (Please bare in mind some post codes can take up to 2 days delivery.)

We avoid any deliveries on Fridays and weekends as things can go missing. Most companies hide delivery costs within their prices - we believe in honesty being the best policy and therefore the delivery cost will be on the invoice. If you need this hidden in the cost for some reason just let us know.


There is no one qualified in the UK that we know about grading Wagyu beef. We see every carcass and grade on eye using the Australian Wagyu grading system with a highest grade of 9+.

Our cattle are slaughtered at an abattoir that is 5 minutes away from us. Both the abattoir and processing facility hold the appropriate accreditations; copies of BRCs and other documentation are available on request. Highland Wagyu are full members and are inspected by QMS.

We breed different percentages of Wagyu cattle to suit different needs. Not everyone enjoys the same taste and textures.

- 100% Fullblood Wagyu- which is self-explanatory. All our pedigree Fullblood genetics are traceable back to Japan. Our Fullbloods are scoring 9/9+ which is the highest grade outside of Japan’s grading system.

Our Wagyu crosses – we always use a pedigree Fullblood Wagyu bull and the female side is from our Pedigree native beef cattle, mostly Aberdeen Angus. (our trademarked Wangus) we have experimented with other beef breeds as well.

- F2 Wagyu = 75% Wagyu – these are around the 7/8 marbling score.
- F1 Wagyu = 50% Wagyu - we are grading between 6-8
- We also have F3s and F4s coming through but we can let you know when that happens.